• 2004 Honda Civic - Eureka, NS B0K 1B0, Canada
    2 years ago

    2004 Honda Civic coupe

    Nice little car runs great need to get rid of to pay fines throughout baring just starting to go noisy but will drive forever the way it is only rust spot you see in the pics and small crack in the front bumper couple little dents besides that it's great may trade but looking for cash any red noble offer acce - 2004 Honda Civic coupe

    Honda - Civic

  • 2005 Honda CRF - 291 Irish Mountain Road, Eureka, NS B0K 1B0
    2 years ago

    Looking to trade my bike and xbox one with 11 games for a bigger dirtbike. bike works really good nothing wrong with it, looking to get 1500 for it if not traded.does not smoke (No PapperS) kilometers Unknown Clean as a whistle , xbox one works like new also have 2 controllers and a live account reasons for s - Looking to swap/trade bike and Xbox one with 11 games

    Honda - CRF

  • $1,200
    2002 Honda 400 ex - Eureka, NS B0K 1B0, Canada
    3 years ago

    Honda 400 ex

    Hi got a 400 ex motor out and torn apart but everyone there and fine hot crank stage two cams 450 r timing chain and bored to a 426So has a wiseco high compression piston asking 1200 cause I need to pay my fines Visits:  - Honda 400 ex

    Honda - 400 ex